Sanfermines and JAUREGIA Farm: adrenaline and peace


The Bull-Running of the San Fermin has been placed among the 10 situations more adrenaline in the world. And all adventure, all risks need your haven of peace. The Jauregia Farm Cottages are the rest for San Fermin’s visitor, the world’s most popular spree.

The San Fermin put the noise, the silence makes Jauregia Farm. The San Fermin give you a tip to the stomach with great food and no amount of wine and liquors described; the cottages Jauregia organic food will put you in his famous dinner and breakfast admiring irreplaceable grasslands in the mist.

San Fermin is red and Jauregia Farm is green. The San Fermin is the adrenaline, and Farm Jauregia peace. Aniz Jauregia in Pamplona and are much closer to your work from home. Choose how to combine, because there are also Sanfermines campaign “Navarre you get free» in Jauregia Farm Cottages of Aniz in Baztan, Green Paradise of Navarre.

Lonely Planet, the renowned tourist guide, has published its guidance for 2011 which includes recommendations for the most extreme and exciting adventures. In the adrenaline guide includes the Bull-Running of the San Fermin in Pamplona as the sixth choice of ten. The list is opened by the Big Shot Ride U.S., which is bungee jumping from the observation tower in Las Vegas and is completed, the motorbike taxis in Thailand, Parasailing in Acapulco or rafting on the Zambezi River.

... and peace

The Bull-Running of San Fermin in Pamplona and adrenaline, Lonely Planet says that it could be the clearest picture of madness, but it exceeds the snapshot of a man gored. Lonely Planet notes that this event is popular Hemingway, and is now a worldwide symbol to feel a real male. Undoubtedly the most striking sentence is recommended to hear the testimony of those who return year after year to closure despite having shaky walking plastic hip, can not pee straight gored or have lost their manhood.

The San Fermin, the world’s most popular revelry, are a good alternative to red a few days of adrenaline for our visitors to Jauregia Cottages in Baztan. And Jauregia Farm is the best choice of rest ahead for the gladiators of San Fermin.

Enjoy it near Pamplona in Aniz, next to the Mirador de Baztan, Green Paradise Navarra. And remember. Enjoy Baztan and help us to maintain the environment. What did our ancestors JAUREGIA, and we owe it to future generations

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